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DC Dental your dentist in Saint-Gilles

DC Dental is your dental clinic in Saint-Gilles to take care of your teeth, from the treatment of a  single cavity  until the placement of  dental veneers  through the installation of a  braces. Our dentists follow up on the health of your teeth in the event of a problem or as part of a check-up.


To keep beautiful teeth, it is essential to visit your approved dentist at least once a year. In case of discomfort or pain, never wait to make an appointment, a  rapid and professional diagnosis  will make it possible to find an appropriate treatment and to avoid heavy interventions.   


Our team of dentists can also intervene if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your smile or your teeth. We offer a  orthodontic service  for children and adults with tailor-made and adapted solutions. Laying dental veneers is also an effective way to make your teeth more aligned, smooth and white.  


Do not hesitate to make an appointment in our dental office located Chaussée de Waterloo  close to the Saint-Gilles barrier.


  • dental surgery

  • orthodontics

  • dentist for children

  • dental aesthetics

  • dental implants

  • dental prosthesis

  • dental emergencies


Chaussée de Waterloo 202B
1060 Saint-Gilles

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DC dental is a dental clinic located in Saint Gilles and Saint-Josse in Brussels. We offer a full range of dental services, ranging from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry, including implantology and orthodontics.

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