DC Dental will support you through all your dental treatment in the Brussels-Capital Region

DC Dental's practices offer every daily dental treatment you may require. Whether that's a child's first visit to the dentist when they start teething, for descaling or in case of pain that indicates the presence of tooth decay, we guarantee a warm welcome, and service tailored to your needs.

General dentistry covers all dental care and treatment required to maintain optimal oral health: diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral diseases, as well as the repair, replacement or extraction of a tooth. DC Dental is your partner in dental care, from diagnosis through to the end result. 

To avoid the upset caused by a dreaded abscess, and to avoid having to undergo a tooth extraction, we advise you to visit your dentist regularly, to take care of your oral health, and to react quickly in the case of discomfort or pain. It has been proven that simple treatment of decay carried out at the right time, avoids a great deal of cost and upset later on. 

We are competent for:
  • caries care
  • tooth scaling
  • fitting dental appliances
  • tooth extraction
  • the placement of dental implants
  • the placement of prostheses
  • teeth whitening
  • dental veneers
  • broken tooth repair

Call on your dental surgery specialist for all your daily dental care, decay treatment and descaling needs. Our team of national healthcare dentists will be delighted to meet with you for a thorough examination or for general dental treatments. Don't hesitate to make an appointment at one of our three dental practices, in Saint-Gilles or Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode, in the Brussels-Capital Region. 

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